3 Solutions in 1
With CloudFax You Choose How to Install.


1)  As a Full Cloud Solution with No Hardware and No Software with access via our Common Browser Interface.

2) As a Virtual FoIP (Fax Over IP) Solution.

3) Or if you are an IBM User, by using one of our IBMi CloudFax400 Solution to interface to your existing Fax Server Software; e.g., FAX/400, IBM Facsimile Support/400, Quadrant Software’s Fast Fax solution, or Biscom’s FAXCOM for iSeries.


The ONLY Cloud Fax Solution With NO Hardware, NO Software, NO Telephone Lines, NO Maintenance, NO Hassle!

If  Your Solution Requires Hardware or Software on Premises, Then Your Solution Isn’t Cloud

CloudFax is the only solution that allows you to get rid of all your existing Fax Server Hardware & Software and access all the functionality of an Enterprise Class Fax System through a Common Browser Interface.  Other so-called Cloud Fax services can’t do this.  They either need Client Software or Virtual Hardware on-premises … i.e., still requiring the hassle of maintenance.


Guaranteed Delivery by Carrier Independence

CloudFax provides Full Carrier independence which guarantees the delivery of your mission critical fax documents via the multiple Carriers we connect to, including:  Level3/Global Crossing, British Telecom, AT&T, Verizon, EFAX, Easy Link, Biscom’s Faxcom Anywhere, to name a few.

We are the Cloud Experts!

First established in 1986, The International Presence Group of Companies are headquartered in the UK. We operate through two wholly owned subsidiaries, European Presence Ltd supporting Europe, the Middle East and Pacific and American Presence Inc., supporting the US and South Americas. Best known as the Owners and Authors of cma-ettworth and Telex/Fax/400 which was badged by IBM back in 1988 and sold by them under the terms of a World-wide Vendor logo contract, the Company has sold over 6,000 licences of this product throughout the Fortune 500 Companies. Following the success of this technology the Company developed PRESENCE, a code-less development platform that enables Companies to build and deliver Cloud and non-cloud based applications faster than using traditional hard coding techniques.

The relationship with IBM was subsequently renewed in 2015 by the signing of a strategic partnership agreement for IBM to sell the Companies CloudFax technology as part of the IBM Cloud Marketplace.


Industries We Serve

With competition getting fiercer & margins getting smaller, the RETAIL industry is beginning to really feel the squeeze – see how our technology can help you stay ahead of your competition.

HEALTHCARE is a compliant heavy industry with many critical processes and procedures to follow – see how our solutions can improve performance.

MANUFACTURERS are continually trying to improve the efficiency of their processes across their organizations – see how our technology can help.

LOGISTICS is traditionally a highly regulated and paper intensive industry. See how our technology can help reduce paperwork and improve performance.

Today’s FINANCIAL SERVICES environment can be complicated with multiple business units, legacy systems, and dozens of enterprise applications – see how our technology can bring them all together.

Make the Switch

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Move to the Cloud!

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